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Alright then. Let’s get this blog restarted.



I came to one last night after a solid 24 hours of binge painting, that although my artistic journey is taking me upwards, my reach still extends beyond my grasp. I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to be ambitious, but maybe different schools of thought would say differently. Do I stick to painting things I am comfortable with and can execute successfully? Or must I always be trying to hit my next mark, like a professional bodybuilder would. Perhaps a bit of both? Just an observation.

Adjutant, 3rd Attempt

OK, so I’ve been trying to do her portrait for a while now. Think I managed to get my point across in this rendition.

Life Drawing

Just some practice I did with Teng Lu during a life drawing session

Paladin Concept WIP

Realistic Woman Portrait

Brave or stupid?

So I was in a bit of a funny mood this morning, this one didn’t turn out as amazing as I’d hoped, but hey, it’s all a learning experience, right?