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Concept for University Assignment: The Owl and the Bear

OK. So this is a final idea for a short animation revolving  around sleep.

The story follows two wildly contrasting characters – The organised, jolly, charismatic Business Bear, and the narcoleptic, paranoid, Agitated  Owl. The two are faced with the scenario of having an assignment or an impending deadline of sorts, in which the bear allocated his time wisely and maintains a healthy sleeping pattern, knowing full-well he cannot function properly without this.

The owl, on the other hand, decides he will enjoy himself and relax, leaving his work till late. Subsequently he begins to have rather increasingly erratic dreams as the deadline looms closer, with exaggerated forms of his surroundings, such as being chased by a giant wall clock. The whole sequence resembles something from Disney’s Fantasia, or at least draws heavily from the concept.

The climax of the whole story being that the owl actually dreams he has missed his deadline, and begins to panic, until woken by the bear, who, after a good nights sleep, wakes early to the sounds of the owls audiable discomfort during the dream. The owl is relieved to find he has been woken several hours before the deadline, and promises to start paying more importance to his sleep from then on.


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